Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock: Festival of Magic
Jul 20, 2014
Snowcastle Games
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An original turn-based role-playing game set in a world of machines and magic, a world that stopped spinning thousands of years ago. 

On Umbra, a planet that mysteriously stopped spinning ages ago, war is brewing. As desert scavenger Amon, you must stop the coming war by unlocking the mysteries of Umbra and prevent an ancient, magical cult seizing the power. 

  • Rich, non-linear story 
  • Turn-based combat (No Active Time Battle) 
  • Combat pairs (Allows more variations to your battle team) 
  • Grow your own ammunition (Organic crafting) 
  • Build and improve your home base 
  • Environmental Puzzles 
  • Gorgeous Overworld with a retro feel 
  • No random encounters (Monsters visible at all times) 
  • Play as Male or Female protagonist (You can switch at any time)

Long ago, a cataclysmic event struck the magical world of Umbra. Suddenly and mysteriously the planet stopped spinning. Volcanoes awoke and oceans moved. Kingdoms and civilizations were buried or drowned. Soon, the scourging sun took hold of one side of the world, while dark winter seized the other. Today the glory and might of the old world is buried and the only habitable region can be found in between. 

The evidence of Umbra’s past lies scattered about as ruins, treasures and artifacts. In the new world, rebuilt but far from as advanced as the old one, archaeologists and scavengers supply the rich and powerful with ancient technology and magical artifacts exhumed from ice, sea and sand. It is a world divided by those who dabble in magic and those who tinker with technology. 

You start off as Amon, an audacious scavenger from a small desert town, who gets embroiled in a treacherous conflict between the mighty Suvian Empire and those who want to bring Suvia down. 

Your quest for peace will take you to the corners of the world to unlock the secrets of Umbra’s mysterious, catastrophic past. Along the way you’ll explore oceans, vast deserts and snow-buried lands, rebuild your island base, gather seeds to sow and harvest ammo, get more allies to join your quest, crack puzzles and overcome fierce monsters. 


The battle system goes back to the roots of the genre with its no-nonsense turn based combat, but there are several refreshing twists to the formula. One is the pairing system. Instead of separate characters, your party is made up of pairs where each pair is composed of a warrior and a protector. 


The protector can save up SP to perform special moves. Special moves will vary depending on the pair. 


When defeating enemies the party will receive Experience Points. 


We want to make harvesting and barnacle care fun, simple and rewarding. A big part of the game is to find new seeds, then teleport back to the island, plant them and see what you get. 


Explore 2-3 great dungeon areas per Episode with unique environmental puzzles, monsters, ammo and boss fights. 


The Plumpet Island is a peculiar volcanic island located in Nevad, with a unique soil full of magical energy. With the right gardening skills it is possible to grow plants with magical attributes. To protect this valuable, but fragile source of magic it was guarded by a powerful sorceress named Olia who lived on the island. 
The Plumpet Island functions as the player’s hub throughout the game. 

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