Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11
Jan 1, 2015
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Game Description 
Mushroom 11 is a puzzle-platformer with unique control mechanics. Guide an amorphous organism across brain-twisting obstacles, overcome swarms of bizarre mutated creatures, and understand the true nature of the devastation from which you emerged. Mold yourself into any shape by pruning your cells. New cells will immediately grow, allowing you to traverse this mysterious world and solve its challenges. 

Mushroom 11 was started at the 2012 Global Game Jam event in New-York City by Itay Keren with his wife, Julia Keren-Detar. The theme was Ouroboros and out of the theme the unique mechanic of continual destruction and growth was born. After realizing that the game prototype had potential to be a unique and addictively fun game, Itay joined forces with artist Simon Kono. Together since then, they have been working hard to create something that is truly unique, in mechanics, visuals and narrative. The back story to Mushroom 11 was inspired in part by a Ted Talk from Paul Stamets as well the designer’s view on environment, technology and human nature. Mushroom 11 was backed by Indie-Fund, a group of veteran indie designers, including the makers of Braid, World of Goo and Journey. Indie-Fund backs only 2-3 game per year, with recent titles like Dear EstherAntichamber and Monaco, so it is a privilege joining that esteemed list. 

• Unique Puzzle-Platformer where players remove cells to allow growth, and prune themselves to traverse the landscape and solve its challenges. 
• A wide variety of novel puzzle techniques, based on the mushroom’s motion. 
• 7 vast worlds to explore, each comes with a unique boss to defeat. 
• 21 original posters hinting on the back story, allowing players to experiment with their own interpretation. 
• Mushroom 11 has teamed up with Electronica supergroup the Future Sound of London for the game’s background music.

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