Dec 4, 2014
Funktronic Labs
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"Nova-111" is a sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with a twist of real-time action! Fighting aliens in space for SCIENCE!


Navigate your trusty orange science vessel as you voyage through mysterious planets in search for the famed scientists who were lost into the cosmic REAL-TIME vortex. Solve puzzles and engage in strategic battles with astrobiological creatures in a twisted environment where a turn-based world gradually transforms into real-time. Collect new abilities and upgrade modules for your ship along the way!


After the release of Funktronic Labs' "Lotus" in August 2013, the developers began playing around with the idea of a simple turn-based game with real-time elements. The developers all love the interestingly deep strategic decisions of turn-based games, but felt that oftentimes pure turn-based gameplay lacks the urgency that real-time games provide. On the other hand, real-time games have that fun intrinsic knee-jerking sense-of-urgency, but time elapses too quickly for the player to plan methodically. So, why not merge turn-based and real-time gameplay together, and bring out the best of both words; and thus "Nova-111" was born. In July 2014, the Indie Fund announced that they they are now supporting Nova-111.

Development Team

This game was created by a handful of talented game developers, including former developers of the PixelJunk series.

Game Story

Once upon a spacetime, there existed a team of intelligent scientists, who were living in a turn-based world. They were interested in expediting their scientific research, and thus began developing the "Chronova Device" that will unlock the universal "real-time". All was fine and dandy, that is, until one day a science experiment went horribly wrong, and as a result created a cosmic real-time/turn-based time-vortex which mashed the two unlikely worlds together. You pilot the "Nova-111" starship, a harmless research vessel which was improvised for rescue and survival in hostile environments.


  • Twisted combination of turn-based and real-time gameplay
  • Strategic combat where brains beats brawn
  • Mind-warping space!
  • Abilities like TIME-STOP to cleverly avoid danger
  • Collectible upgrades and abilities for your ship
  • Dynamic soundtrack suited to your play style

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